KILL la KILL: Episode 6

True resolve of a man, indeed.


I can imagine this conversation turning awkward at one point.

“Satsuki, why did you put on your wedding dress?”

“Well, Mom, there’s this girl…”

Still, could be fun.

I found the image of a pinned-up Junketsu interesting.  If Satsuki hasn’t accepted…erm…it, yet is still able to tap its power, does that leave another hidden level for her to tap into?

Now, I didn’t think that KILL la KILL would ever really go as…gritty, I guess, as it did this week.  This is odd, for a show that has a very dirty and messy art style, and is not shy for sex jokes and violence.  But still, there’s just something….so anti-fun about a guy carving out his own eyes that I can’t help but be shocked back into reality.  The story kept digging, and has started to strike soft spots.

The end result is that KILL la KILL feels less “fun” than it did before, and this week has started to feel like a darker, grim sort of humor. The kind that says life sucks but regardless, you push on and try to make the most of it.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t laugh (though those were FAR fewer than previous weeks), but the series has fallen into an atmosphere more suited for a cable-network drama than the mildly-psychotic romp before.  The powers are all over the place, transformation sequences abound, yet, it all carries that thing I call weight.  Everything matters.

Last week was a drama episode, no doubt. But the drama episodes (3 and 5) haven’t been as heavy as they were here.  The series itself has an understanding of the finality of Ryuko’s fight with Sanageyama.

We’ve also finally been given our promise: that Satsuki was “every bit the protagonist” as Ryuko.  The Elite Four have been demonstrably loyal to Satsuki, but this week they suddenly turned….normal.  Sanageyama has the Goku attitude, he must always fight someone stronger. Jakuzure felt more three dimensional this week, voicing not just irritation, but impatience like a teenager.  Her dread comes not from some cartoonish loyalty to Satsuki, but from that adolescent mindset that “Well, now it’s my job”.  There was this camaraderie amongst the Elite Four that we hadn’t really observed previously. This element was the strongest in this episode.  Ryuko’s participation in the plot was mostly as their antagonist.  She learned some tricks, sure.  But she had no arc this episode.

Minor note: The fight scenes were a little sub-par, but as I hope I’ve expressed: that was hardly the point this week.

I eagerly await the conclusion.

Did I miss something?

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