Strike the Blood: Episode 5

Incoming ignoramus moment in 3…2…


So neither Kojo or Yukina knows what the blood partner is? Well then…I’m glad our heroes are so well informed of something that sounds pretty basic.

Oh Natsuki, marry me! We got to see our cute, arrogant gothic lolita in full bloom. And apparently she’s a monster.  Now we have suspicions about her purpose here with Kojo, too.

And um, ugh…are we going to keep this “comedic” misunderstanding thing going ALL 24 episodes? I…I don’t know if I can do it.  Sometimes they hit a mark, but usually it’s just distracting. Yes, Yukina says awkward things in front of people to be taken out of context. But, this is just terrible. On purpose, even. And some of this is REALLY forced, like the supermarket. God damn, woman, they just told you they aren’t a couple!

More Natsuki/Astarte lesbian detectives, please!

So we knew of Vatler, but this is the time we’re seeing him formally introduced.  Mostly this week was set up for next week.  I can’t really speak to all this athletic tournament nonsense because it feels so distracting. I just wanted to skip straight to the party once we found out about it.

Please, though, no more “comedic misunderstandings”.  This show would be perfect without that nonsense dragging it down.  As always, the love triangle messes everything up.  Please be going somewhere with this, Strike the Blood.

…I’m rather concerned that Lion’s King knew to send Yukina a dress.

But by my attitudes regarding this “HOW WILL THEY JUGGLE SCHOOL AND THE SUPERNATURAL” nonsense, you can understand why, for me, the episode didn’t start until about 19minutes in.  Depressing.

Except for the aforementioned Natsuki/Astarte team up, which seems so wonderfully perfect I’m ashamed I hadn’t thought of them being a team before.

Next week looks promising, I hope they run with this thread. I’m very curious to see how they handle vampire culture.


Did I miss something?

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