KILL la KILL: Episode 5

Yes, please, Ryuko, just take off your clothes already….


The Non-athletic clubs took their swing this week.

Along with our designated antihero from the strangely appropriately named Nude Beach. It’s certainly better than Illuminati.  More playing with the symbolism, and also raises the question of how deep Mikisugi is involved in this. Is he in charge? Does that mean he has connections to the Kiryuins? (I’m sure the kanji of his name settles this but I am basically illiterate)

I also want to point out, called it! Even in nonsense comedy scenes, the animation in this show has started to take firmer shape than the stylized sloppy-ness of the early outings.  It still retains the attitude, but isn’t that same kind of “distracting” as I’d mentioned in my first post.

I’m sure we’re in for at least one more filler episode where that reverses a bit, but it doesn’t look like it’ll be next week.

And…oh Ryuko, after my heart. even when Kinagase has you out of transformation, beaten up, and choking the life from you you manage to have the same attitude. It’s like pure love.

And speaking of, is it me or does Satsuki have a soft spot for Jakuzure?

This was basically just the episode that introduced Kinagase to us, a super fighter with a grudge against life-fiber, and tested Ryuko and Senketsu’s bond.  We probably had the least insight into Satsuki’s machinations this week than any other. But whatever’s coming is certainly big.

I liked the curious behavior present in Kinagase. Maybe even symbolism? The episode is called “Trigger”, and whenever Kinagase has Ryuko dead to rights, he struggles to pull it at the very last. Could that hesitation be what killed his love?  Is it meta for the studio unsure whether or not to pursue this series?  Am I just reading too much into a guy who doesn’t want to kill teenagers?

I loved the imagery of Senketsu grabbing Kinagase and playing tough-guy bar fight with him.

And for whatever reason, maybe because she was getting her ass kicked this week, and it’s easier to notice, but Ryuko looks more mature.  She still has her attitude problem, but there’s definitely a sorrow being played up in her designs this week.  Like the only thing holding her together is her power, and her drive. When her strength is taken away she REALLY looks broken, both physically and emotionally, even if her words would suggest otherwise.  I think that this episode has some of the most beautiful depictions of Ryuko thus far.

Sanageyama will take his turn next week. Fight!


Did I miss something?

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