Double Feature: BlazBlue 4-5

Behold…one of the most acclaimed fighting games of all time…


So, TLDR, we’re done. BlazBlue will from now on be dropped from the normal reviews.

I will still be watching, and it WILL be included at the end of season recaps.  But the week to week nonsense will no longer be a priority for me.

I was mixed last week, on Episode 4.  I decided to wait for this week, and this is what we have.  Two weeks, and we have just now left one scene.  A scene where little was actually revealed to us to give us more impression of what was going on.

Kokonoe and Tager had some more development. We sort-of learned about the Sector, and how they want to counter the Grimoires and NOL.  That’s it. Congratulations for sitting through two weeks of this program.

We certainly learned other things, sure. But we learned nothing that we did not already see otherwise.

We learned about Rachel and her relationship to this observer’s council.  But what purpose is that truly serving? We already saw Rachel in previous weeks taking on the role of observer, something the show hammers into us.

But she’s no ghost of Obi-Wan, she’s teleporting people places, purposefully keeping certain people together, it is NOT simple observing. This is all made of nonsense.

We learned that Noel’s old classmates have been told to eliminate her. We haven’t seen it yet of course.

Did I mention the fights (what few there are, we had 0 in episode 5), blow? They blow so hard.

When I double-featured Outbreak Company (bad thinking in hindsight), I couldn’t keep the page from dragging on. Here I’m forcing myself to talk about things just to give this a reasonable single-episode word count.  This is ultimately problem with BlazBlue.  Nothing feels like it has weight, nothing feels important, nothing feels like I should care.

And so I don’t.

But these are the same points I’ve been hammering since Episode 1, and rather than spend another 7 weeks making those same points, I’ll just save it for the very end.

Oh, and a hot springs scene. It’s very important for an epic fighting anime hoping to break stereotypes to have a hot springs scene.


Did I miss something?

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