Unbreakable Machine Doll: Episode 5

I need Frey art now. For reasons.


Well, I guess…if this week had to be more harem bullshit, at least the harem girls are likable.

And really that’s all I can describe this week as. More harem bullshit.

Which I guess confirms my super low opinion of harem nonsense.  Because, this is the first time where I don’t feel like the harem girls themselves are missing any marks (Charlotte’s complete ineptitude last week notwithstanding).  They have dynamic personalities, and manage to inspire their own dramas organically with those personalities.

And Frey is very much our Hinata.  And…and I love Hinata. They even share the same chest.


Also, Yaya’s heart to heart with Sigmund was excellent.  If I didn’t know any better I’d say it was tongue in cheek regarding the stupidity of the selfless love on display in these types of shows….but I can’t give Machine-Doll credit for. Now, we only really got one fact about this whole mess.  The rounds that the tournament go through will be day by day.  And presumably we will be skipping a lot, unless we really intend to come back to this show season after season.

…Which honestly I could not stomach.  This show needs to be 12-13 or change up its dynamic, and how, for me to continue giving fucks about it.

Not that I dread this series like I’m starting to dread Galilei Donna.  But I can see this show’s charm losing its steam soon. The only thing that will keep me around is the promise of the plot concluding in another month or so.

And, again….no Shoko.  Goddamn you, Machine Doll.  Just when I give you credit for being executed competently, you go and show us that you don’t have a real direction.  Oh, Raishin’s a spy now? Sure. Why not. Jesus christ.  You know, when they pulled this exact stunt with Sheridan on Babylon 5, we got to see him feel bad for spying on “good people”.  For Raishin, it’s just more details that feel inconsequential, especially considering he is acting the least like a spy.  He’s been going out of his way to point how different he is. That’s not good for spying.  Unless they observed him being harem-tastic in Japan and said “Damn, I don’t know what’s got those women interested, but we should drop that bitch like a bomb on London. Women will get him all the information he needs.”

…Damn I am just angry recently, aren’t I?

I think this is why I dislike Harem series.  The heroes are shit.  For all these women to get infatuated with Raishin, they need to have some really horrible standards about Human decency. He barely gives them the time of day, and they’re all over him.

…Huh, very astute observation, Machine-Doll.

…Doubly so considering the HORRIBLE LACK OF REGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE we saw last week.

And, again, more reasons I love Shoko, she hasn’t fallen prey to that.

Yet. I’m sure she will by the end (fuck this het bullshit).

Mind you, reverse harem series are no better. See: Amnesia. Twilight.

And, in case my het bullshit off put you, I’ve made clear my lack of wonder with shows like Fantasista Doll, which are Yuri-harems.

So this is equal-opportunity hate.

I mean, Raishin’s best quality is that he wants everyone to be equal.  Really….really fucking amazing of him, i’nnit? How can someone who sees so well through battle have such a poor understanding of human emotions? I mean, in Goku that was played for laughs. Yusuke Urameshi was the same way, but he still HAD feelings and could read those around him, even if he didn’t know how to act on it. Raishin is just a tool.

Hopefully we do more than “HURP! IGNORANT SHE IS CRUSHING ON ME” with Frey next week.


Did I miss something?

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