Strike the Blood: Episode 4

Can’t believe we saw him lose his virginity on-screen.


So, I am really, really liking Strike the Blood.  I think that this week it most reminded me of Yu-Yu Hakusho, a fantastical, high-magic world rooted in messy, dirty rituals.  The metaphysics alone are enough to keep me engaged and I hope they keep developing them.

We knew Kojo was coming back. What was unexpected, really, was the super-perverted way he calmed Yukina down.  I mean…okay we’ve seen hints of him being pervy, but I always just assumed it was related to his vampire instincts.

Which, as we observe, may not be entirely far from the truth….

But it turns out he TOO is a pervert. Very strange, yet very natural, I suppose.  The old axiom that demons are beyond redemption, not because they -are- sinful, but they chose to be that way.  Perhaps Kojo is similar. It wasn’t happy chance he is the Fourth, perhaps his natural inclinations to being lewd (a tap in to his more advanced vampire powers) just made him a good candidate.

Though of what we’ve seen of Kojo, I rather assume he was just shocking Yukina into calming herself.

The fight was excellent.  It said a lot about the way magic works in this world without -really- needing to get into technicalities.  Auras, punches, sonic based powers, ritual sacrifices, barriers, all speaks of an involved system that, even if the rules are never fully expressed on screen, belies an undercurrent of a rich history of study and bad blood between various clans. Even the casual throwaway lines about “Dominion forces” only adds to the complexity of this world and it seems quite well thought out. (Compare this against, say, a Claymore type series, where organizations are few and allegiances simple.)

One has to wonder what Yukina will think of her REAL assignment. “What do you mean I’m to become the demon queen?” “Oh, gosh, did we send you OUR copy of the status update? Our bad.”

I actually liked that development.  I felt Yukina’s little confessional about how she has no close friends or family was a bit early to reveal. But as it appears to indeed be a machination behind her growing close to Kojo (as we theorized a few weeks back), it can be more rushed so that the consequences can come to pass.

More players will be entering the game now.  The show feels like it’s really building up to something, now.  Whether or not it does will probably decide its fate in modern culture.


Did I miss something?

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