BlazBlue, Alter Memory: Episode 3

When 900 years you age, look as good you will not.


So, this week was all over the map again.  Flashbacks, cut-aways, and various points of focus that really gave us little to no direction.

Really I could just cut and paste my review of Episode 1. It runs very much the same.  We had one sub-par fight, one decent fight.  Plot elements were left undescribed, and we cut around to people we, presumably, care about.

We don’t.

In short it was a lot of flashy images with little to hold your attention.

I was most entertained by the breasts this episode. Not the best accolade to a fighting series. Unless you’re Dead or Alive, I suppose.

The episode started strong enough.  Rachel was a more present figure, and giving out some hints (not to mention instilling terror in our antagonist).  But then she just vanished instead of giving us some desperately needed exposition.

Nothing new about Noel. She’s an experiment. We got that last week. Still no idea what her chrysalis stage is. Still no idea what these assholes want with her.  Assholes killed/kidnapped Ragna’s sister.  Jin betrayed Ragna. Ragna’s arm got cut off.


Holy crap, do I have to hold Machine-Doll up as an example of how to drip out flashback exposition?

Still no idea what these assholes want with Ragna.

I mean I get the bounty hunters. I mean people specifically after the Azure.

Yeah. There are only so many ways I can call this series a confusing mess. We are hopping between 4 stories that we have next to zero context for. I don’t care if they ARE interconnected (see, climax of Star Wars: Episode 1), they are still jumbled and a menace to your attention. I will hold out one more episode, and if I can’t at least find SOMETHING I want to talk about, we will be dropping this show.


Did I miss something?

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