Galilei Donna: Episode 3

No one wants to point out our chaperone isn’t a wanted criminal and could theoretically get us, I dunno, FOOD?


Sigh, I was so close.  I was looking forward to Galilei Donna this week.  I really was.  I wanted this show to be a late bloomer, perhaps.  A hidden gem that maybe had some amazing ideas but had to rush how they set up the chess pieces.  Maybe they can still pull that off, but this week represented a huge step backwards in quality.

No, this week we are left with the paradox that on a show about how a thirteen year old girl juryrigged an airship in her basement, everything else around her seems to be manufactured.

There was one excellent moment in the opening minutes.  Hazuki got some character development.  I know it’s the third episode but it’s better to have it now than never.  Specifically, her stubbornness and headstrong nature.  She purposefully wants to take out Adnimoon because they are the enemy. And she refuses to cede ground.  I know this could be seen as an immature and simplistic view…but…damnit, perhaps it’s because I myself am petty that I find it endearing.

And yet, from here we drop.  Kazuki is given this very rejecting, downright manic, personality that wants things to go back to normal.  I’d have to say she probably just doesn’t handle change well.  But the show is SO over the top on this point, that every point we see Kazuki, who I remind you, thus far is the only one of the Ferrari sisters to BEAT her way out of being kidnapped, she seems on the verge of tears.  Even for inane moments like admiring her little sister’s engine.  And also the jealousy, I get it. But it just keeps coming! Hammering you with it’s endless drone of nonsense about Kazuki’s insecurities.

I know why we wanted to do this, too.  We wanted the oldest child to be the leader, headstrong but a little brash and coarse.  We wanted the youngest to be the genius because it’s cute. We wanted the middle child to be the emotional one.

But we had a law student in the script, and that can’t be the girl in high school. So instead she is the blackbelt.  She’s the one who beats people up with minimal effort, but can’t process information over the course of days (yes, days, from the start of all this stuff. Episode 3 alone seems to span about 24-48 hours).

So Galilei Donna tried to eat their cake, and have it (as pointed out by far wiser men than I, anyone can have a cake and eat it, but to eat it and still have it takes skill).  Resulting in this mismatched characterization for Kazuki.  And frankly, Hazuki.  Hazuki’s boldness and “looking for enemies” seems like a natural fit for the more isolated and physical Kazuki. And from what we’ve seen, about Hazuki being bad at adapting, she seems an emotional wreck in this kind of circumstance, unless she’s too dense to fathom the danger.

Maybe that’s an angle that would save it for me.  Hozuki is smart, but immature.  Hazuki is mature but really fucking dense.  Maybe Kazuki is the only one who can see exactly how fucked they are, and that’s why it gets to her.

But all this doesn’t change the fact that the way this was all presented was contrived. It hurt to sit through this episode hammering the same point over and over again.  It didn’t need more than a mention.

Our meta plot is setting up some interesting politics (and it was indeed too much to hope that the mom died, but I had hope).  Obviously the Sky Pirates are going to team up with the girls before the end against Adnimoon.  Until the very end when they doublecross, but the girls outsmart them, and the pirates depart amicably, captain with a crush on Hazuki still.  It’s coming, we know it.

Until then we just have to sit through this drivel.


Did I miss something?

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