KILL la KILL: Episode 4

The ride had to shift gears sometime.


Let me be clear before I embark on this review: I did on the whole enjoy this episode.

But neither was I GUH-LUED to it like last week.

Which is understandable. This was KILL la KILL’s bottle show. After expending so much effort on last week, and, seemingly, next week, they needed a little downtime of comedy. This appears to be a pattern emerging, odd numbers being drama, evens being comedy. And of course, drama takes the majority of the budget.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it yet, but of all the underlings, Gamagoori is my favorite.  He is hilarious, and that was only magnified this week when he seems to develop something of a frienemy relationship with Mako.  I do want him to come save her one day. Still loyal to his Satsuki-sama, but not willing to let his pal Mako take the fall.  I would like that very much ^_^

There were some strong jokes this week.  My favorite? The one where the lady holding a baby calls the discipline committee. Loved the absurdity present in that interaction.  Senketsu being washed was a great bit, I thought, too.

Also, points to you, Trigger, for making your fan-service a plot point. I did not see that coming until it was upon us (though between the second and third pantsings, way more hints about the double-cross had been laid out).

So yes, there isn’t much for me to say this week.  Either you like comedy or you don’t. It’s hard to talk about because, if you simply don’t find a joke funny, that’s all there is to it.  If you did, you can explain why and you’re done.

And I refuse to fall into the trap of being un-funny while making fun of something that was un-funny.

Next week looks heavy.  I really hope it is.


Did I miss something?

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