Strike the Blood: Episode 3

That…I wasn’t quite expecting that.


Okay, he’s a vampire, I know he’s fine, he’s the lead after all. Still. My girlfriend was watching this episode over my shoulder a little bit and said “He’s going to die isn’t he?”  No sooner had the words, “No, he’s the main character” left my mouth than KACHUNK.

I know that he’s fine, but damn, if it still isn’t the striking visual image of Yukina holding Kojo’s severed head.

Did I mention we’ve entered the part of the season where spoilers will be cropping up?

HOWEVER, that imagery does convince me more and more that this is just Hellsing, only with, you know, NORMAL FUCKING PEOPLE IN IT.

I don’t mean that disparagingly either, I adore Hellsing Ultimate.  It’s just…it is so drama-flamboyant the only reason it isn’t a laughing stock is that it’s SO over the top, the bar for realism is so far away you forget it’s even a thing. So don’t expect the series to make a list of my top 10s anytime soon.

But let’s rewind on Strike the Blood.

We had an abrupt “Just kidding!” of our cliffhanger from last week.  Like way more abrupt than even I was expecting, before the opening credits even.  An abrupt exit by Japanimation-European name due to Kojo hulking out and tearing a huge explosion in the power grid.

…Strike the Blood…I am sensing a disturbing equilibrium between you and Machine Doll where you both CAN’T be good shows.

So, I like Natsuki. She very clearly knows the kids have something to do with the power station explosion, but is genre savvy enough to know automatically that it wasn’t their fault.  Good on her not wasting our time with cliche.

I’m starting to have second thoughts about Yukina, though.  She increasingly comes off as more and more amateurish.  If Kojo going berserk is a bad thing, why are we continually dragging him into danger.  No one ever listens to that “at the first sign of trouble” crap.  I am starting to question why she was picked for this assignment.  If it doesn’t turn out to be some variation on “we wanted to humanize the Fourth!” I will be very, very confused.  She is just such a doormat for a cute boy, she lets him push her around.  It’s true, her duty is to observe him, but her PRIMARY duty is to kill him if “he seems like a danger”.

So, homculi, demon souls, all that jazz. We’ll probably find out why this is all important beyond a two-bit madman soon.  Though Astarte is very interesting, I only presume she will be turned into a good guy.


Did I miss something?

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