Unbreakable Machine Doll, Episode 3

So does this make Shoko the patron saint of ecchi in this world?


Machine-Doll got back on the right track this week.  It still feels like a distraction from the overall Wise-man plot, but at least it’s not a boring distraction anymore.

Perhaps it’s because it has what I would rate one of the best opening themes in our batch (the other contender Kill la Kill, honorable mention Strike the Blood). It just gets me pumped for the show. Can’t help myself.

So this week Yaya went crazy. Like a glassy eyed doll who will murder you in your sleep (no pun intended).  On the one hand…because it makes Yaya happy….it’s nice to see Raishin’s attitude improve towards her (we DID see there was a gift last week, but it seemed more like a way to placate his crazy kid than anything). His attitude about her being “his tool” is a little distant, especially after his admission he considers Dolls to be sapient in their own right. On the other, I don’t think we’ll get our soul-crushing moment where he willingly sacrifices Yaya to some disfiguring, painful injury because it’s a step towards his goal. The pace of the show also makes that unlikely if we’re going to keep having these mini-arcs. One hope dashed.

But then Shoko appears, and more hopes are raised! Along with other things, I’m sure, the target audience found.

But ha! Screw you guys, Shoko is a lesbian! Or at least that’s what I presume is meant by the fact she “likes wine, likes women, likes (making a drunken ass of herself)” to which, she owns up to completely. SHE’S ALL MINE, MWAHAHAHAHA!


In all honesty, Shoko may be my hero, but she has that right edge of eccentricity that lends herself to be a genius. Her confidence is merely helpful in this regard. I hope she’s around a lot more from here on out, she seems like a fun dynamic. Yaya, despite being loyal to Raishin beyond belief, isn’t very obedient. But she falls right into line for Shoko.  Is she loyal to her maker? Or is Shoko merely THAT terrifying? We’ll find out, I hope.  Admittedly, it is likely as simple as the fact that Yaya has been lent to Raishin, so Yaya probably doesn’t acknowledge him as her “true” master. She will by the end of the series, of course.

Shoko, also, gave us our only true ecchi this week.  In the form of where she places her all-female Doll’s….erm….buttons.  Thus further solidifying my claim, damnit!

But a trinity of Dolls, one the Moon, Yaya.  Presumably we also have Sun, and either Earth or Stars. I want to see these other Trinity Dolls SO BADLY.

As shown last week, called the red herring from a mile away.  Charlotte was being set up, and it was blatantly obvious.  It was also pretty obvious who.

Though while I did see Lisette’s turncoat coming from a mile away, now Felix, that was clever, a neat way to express some of the Banned Doll’s abilities by having our obvious villain be a shapeshifting puppet.  Admittedly if it was going to be anyone else, it HAD to be Felix since he’s the only other character we’ve met prior to now.  Homeroom teacher doesn’t seem a good candidate as, well, she has yet to acknowledge Raishin’s greatness, which we all know is coming.

It was still immensely satisfying, after her rant last week about how Human Dolls are inefficient, to see her wet her pants at Yaya’s unlocked form.

Of note to Raishin’s character…if Shoko is a lesbian (and not just a woman who admires the artistry of the female form, who needs a “true man” to take her, bleh, would ruin a lot of her self-superior charm, if you ask me), the fact Raishin obsesses over her as the perfect woman does tell a lot about his character, doesn’t it?

We did find that Raishin has some chosen blood.  I…I admit to liking this not at all. I have never been a fan of the eastern hero.  I mean in our localized east vs. west.  For those not aware, there is the theory of the Eastern and Western hero.  A Western hero, that is to say, a Greek hero, excels by his abilities and is elevated above his countrymen to that of leader/champion. Odysseus is a good example of this. No divine blood, no immortality, just a man and his wits (and hubris).  An Eastern hero, that is to say, a Persian hero, is the chosen one. One who leads by Divine Right and little else.  His choices are correct because he is immaculate, not because he learned from the past or was tested in ways that shamed his fellow man.

I was hoping this series would be another “test scores aren’t everything” like Baka to Test. And, I suppose technically it is shaping out that way. You don’t have to excel, kids, you just have to have the blood of a chosen family. The rest of you are shit!

And, the obvious thing we are led to believe, that Raishin and Magnus are brothers.  Is Shoko referring to Magnus? Or some uber-boss who will -test- the Wise Man? We’ll find out I suppose, but I will be disappointed if it is that simple.

Next week, Felix vs. Raishin! Yaya vs. …Lisette! I want to see Yaya in action. I thought the fight in Episode 1 was to establish Yaya’s powers, not be the entirety of them before she levels up…but…whatever. I still want to see it. So that’s improvement, Machine Doll.

But Yaya has two weaknesses, Air and Water. And Felix’s Doll just happens to use Water.  Wait, why not fire, too? If the criteria is that Yaya can’t subdue that which has no form, fire seems likely.  Are we going by four or thirteen elements? Because if four, Yaya is ONLY good against Earth. If thirteen…well, lightning, sound, void, shadow, all seem like “formless” elements, too, in addition to fire.

Still confused about the mechanics of this world.  Please give me some tech manuals, Machine Doll, if you aren’t expecting to tell us!


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