Galilei Donna, Episode 2

Strangers have the best candy. That’s why we hide it from our sister.Image

Can I just say something? I don’t know exactly what it is, I’ve watched each of these episodes twice and I still can’t say, but I am in love with Kazuki. There. I said it.  Perhaps it is her kuudere, condescending, ass-kicking self that clobbers a trained officer three times her size (we saw similar martial skill last week when she wasn’t above taking a swing at her ninja opponent’s insufficient safety protocols), or just the way she is drawn? But I adore this character.  If anything makes me stick around and watch, it is her.

Perhaps it is because she seems the most complex by comparison.

Yes, Galilei Donna didn’t exactly wow us this week either with its creative writing.

I called it. I called it a mile away.  We are basically getting an anime version of The DaVinci Code.  Details changed, sure.  It isn’t DaVinci, it’s Galileo. It isn’t the Catholic Church, but still some shadowy organization that pulls the strings of the police and, apparently, sky pirates.  It isn’t the Holy Grail, but it is some discovery that is so profound it assures his immortality (in the cultural sense). The code to which isn’t in paintings, but in Paradise Lost.

We are one awkward Tom Hanks casting to being that story.

I, as best as I could, kept Episode 1 spoiler free. So I couldn’t touch on this because it was the climax of the final few minutes…but…

An eleven year old girl who made a mecha? Really? In the basement? Without anyone knowing?

Okay, admittedly, I see this happening.  Because, once again, the animation dept. did its job. Hozuki had this awkward expression when her mother hugged her, as if she wasn’t used to receiving the attention like she did her dad.  We know the parents have been split up for two years, and since Hozuki was pulling a Tony Stark for three years, it’s probably the family life wasn’t exactly pristine.  It seems like this was her escape from her fracturing family. That if she somehow made this mech work, her family would be whole again.

Still an ENTIRE air-ship mech? This thing is bigger than their house was.  It would require Dexter’s Lab to put this thing together.

However, Hozuki did get some good characterization.  We saw how important her family was to her, not just in the rescue, but in her words about how she missed her old life. She’s more than just the brainiac: she’s an emotionally vulnerable tween who probably feels some responsibility to her parents separation.

And I do want to be clear, Kazuki’s “depth” is still a theoretical.  Like the mass of a black hole. We can’t measure it yet, and if it doesn’t pay off, it might just be called cliche for the anti-social black sheep.  Or it may rely on the realm of fanfiction to expand her background (I wouldn’t mind writing that if I had to).

Hazuki was the same as last week, unfortunately.  All she did was threaten lawsuits and call her little sister useless. Swell.  You could say she was trying to keep the atmosphere normal, but it’s clear that if anyone in this family needs calming down to think straight, it’s NOT Kazuki.

I’m not sure what to make of Anna. She has this helpful personality, but Hozuki seemed to trust her a LITTLE quick.  I do like that she has this touch-of-madness thing going on that makes her act like really bizarre ideas are completely in the norm. Still not ruling out the shoe dropping and it turns out she’s behind this, or at least another part of this shadow organization.

So where does this leave us? Well, hopefully, you have more decency than I to play “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” at the end of this episode.  But as I said…that would mean you had more decency than I.

Still barely keeping me hanging on, Galilei Donna. I like the improvement but this will be unfortunate if it takes you until episode 8 to get really good.

Except for you animation department, you guys are doing wonderful things with, quite literally nothing, on paper.


Did I miss something?

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