BlazBlue Alter Memory, Episode 2

See what happens when you try?


Okay, so BlazBlue managed to reel me back in, admittedly only just.

I still don’t think anything will redeem the hellish experience of having to sit through Episode 1, but this week we, at least, drew ONE scene into focus.  And while we had numerous cut aways and flashbacks, it was all interwoven with the action taking place in the present.  Flashbacks didn’t serve as scene changes, they served as internal monologue.

In short, BlazBlue is finally acting like an anime. Better a late bloomer than never, I guess.

Most importantly, the fights got way, way better. They actually entertained, and in the case of Nu vs. Ragna, actually felt like it carried weight.

We still don’t have a fucking clue what is going on. But it managed to look pretty. And that is improvement, people.

Okay so, there is some clue, at least regarding what’s “important”.  We had a recap of the very first scene of the series, in full this time, but with a slightly different ending. Rachel cryptically appeared to tell us that there was a time loop, but it’s been broken now, not even she understands what will happen.  Okay, I’m good with that.  She then abandons Ragna to save the earth. Give lolitas a chance!

I still don’t completely understand this organization that’s been tailing Ragna. They seem to have some idea of the time loop, though.

I still don’t completely understand these robot girls (my girlfriend has an unhealthy obsession with Nu, so I’ve seen THAT scene a million times out of context xD), but they seem to be based on Ragna’s…sister? I only put the question because familial pronouns are more fluid in anime, they could be very old, very close friends.  But if they are designed to inherit Ragna’s powers it seems blood may connect them.

So there were a few answers dribbled out to us this week. And for a mystery, that’s really all we need. I am grateful to have them after last week.

This episode still confused me on the whole, but like I said, it was pretty to watch, and I didn’t regret watching this show this week.


Did I miss something?

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