Unbreakable Machine Doll, Episode 2

No romance like Faux-mance.

Unbreakable-machine-doll-2-TR-620x330The pace has really slowed down on Machine-Doll’s second outing. While I can put up with it, I have to admit I’m feeling…underwhelmed this week. I feel distracted, almost.  Last week the focus was on the entrance to the festival, and this week? It was mentioned a couple times, once as motivation for Raishin embarking on the investigation plot, but mostly in passing during our character development. There was no action. There was little explained about the mechanics of this universe besides the “Eve Heart”, which seems to have been mentioned mostly as a necessity due to our new plot thread.  Oh, I lied, we also learned about the Banned Dolls, organic/machine hybrids.

I inferred that Banned Doll was what it was called…a banned doll.  But that seems not to be true since no action is taken against Charlotte. It’s not illegal. Or at least it’s hard to imagine if it’s common knowledge why no one does anything about it. Is it just morally questionable?  How morally questionable can it be if there aren’t rules regarding its use?  It seems like a worthless plot point, and for feeling so worthless it telegraphs the red herring. Much better would have been to establish the suspicion Charlotte uses a Banned Doll, not a fact.

It’s a minor detail, and it seems so freakin obvious.

The faux-date simulator was…as expected. Raishin acts like a nice but somewhat naive guy, Charlotte acts like a tsundere. Yawn. Just yawn. There were nice details, like Charlotte’s feelings she “deserves” to be punished.  But for eight minutes of screentime this was a small take away, we could have done this in a more substantial setting. I wouldn’t mind it if this wasn’t distracting us from the much more interesting Wise Man plot.  I guess side by side, with the excitement of last episode, slipping into this, basically slice of life episode, feels like a step down. That’s my only real criticism in the end, as a stand alone date episode it functions.

The one truly positive thing was Yaya and Sigmund, discussing their relations as Dolls to their masters.  It was nice to establish these rules, even if they are the usual ones we find. They’re Dolls, and never consider themselves Human.  Two things stood out, though: Raishin has a more anthropomorphic view of Dolls than the average Human (again, this makes his cold attitudes towards Yaya more eyebrow raising). And second, Sigmund seems very confused about Yaya’s devotion to Raishin, meaning this is probably unique to her. Hopefully that pays off later in the series.

Oh, yeah, Magnus was in this episode, wasn’t he? I’m sorry, I just tend to blur characters who are done with by the opening credits.  I think that just adds to the sin of the tonal shift we felt this week.

So, I’m less impressed than last week.  I stuck through to the end on my first watching, but I was way too easily distracted by other things. Passable entertainment, but I hope we get back to the actiony elements soon.


Did I miss something?

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