KILL la KILL, Episode 3

Damndamndamn! I don’t know who to root for!


Still early, but this was the best episode of any show this season thus far.

KILL la KILL abandoned (most of) it’s normal parody antics for a straight-played fight episode.  The results are spectacular, on par with the greatest action toons of all time. Most of the comedy was reeled in very tight (Yes, even Mikisugi’s Fabio-less antics), overall this had the pacing of a Fullmetal Alchemist episode.

And, damnit, I just don’t know which of our two leading ladies I’m supposed to root for!  Satsuki’s attitudes about her role, presumably, her thoughts about her destiny, were on full display, along with some equally impressive assets.  I also liked her attitude that Junketsu is her “wedding dress” (Yuri goggles ON!). She was, in a word, amazing this week, making a strong impression in her first true outing as our antagonist.  We have seen the true Satsuki-sama when proxies are shoved aside and the kid-gloves are off.  We have met the enemy, and he am us.  Though, odd note, her design seems to have softened this episode. Good and bad, I suppose.  I am in favor of a beautiful maiden to oppose our tomboyish punk heroine, but at the same time I enjoy a girl who inspires awe by sheer force of her grace and personality, even if she has some rugged features. I’m mixed, but I think they struck a nice balance between those two aspects in a lot of shots (screencap above is a little on the softer side).

Ryuuko took a level in badass, as well.  Though I was confused about the “you have to truly wear me” part.  All this nonsense about how Ryuuko was too embarassed to be naked with Senketsu, and then…!

…Her outfit is exactly the same.  Just with jet engines.

That was worth it, I guess?

I guess I just expected a change in design from half-powered and full-powered. There were subtleties but not anything that remarkably changes her fanart, you know?

Although maybe that’s traded up for the fact the scissor-blade gained some new tricks and forms.

There is one thing that bothers me. The assembling of the dungeon bosses.  I mean, we knew that there would be fights. That much is obvious from the opening credits, which by the way, I didn’t mention it last week, are quite inspired and easy to sit through.  After this all out brawl with Satsuki, how many students are REALLY going to line up and take on the girl who battled her to a draw?  The difficulty curve seems to have sloped downward.  I’m interested to see what the plan is to keep this interesting.

So the blood fed to the Kamui is the key to their power. It’s a curious thing that will certainly be touched on later, as we see the Kiryuins experimenting on a five-star outfit.  Presumably this means they have four-stars lying in wait for the final few bosses.  We’ve always known this little detail about Senketsu, but now that we’ve seen Junketsu in action it’s a definite feature, not a quirk.

In short, episode 3 was a heavy action romp, with lots of good character development, primarily for our villain.  This episode ensures I will be sticking with the series all the way, regardless of quality, because I now HAVE to see how it ends, no?


Did I miss something?

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