KILL la KILL, Episode 2

No, this show could never be too fanservicey.


So, we have left premiere week (purposefully stalled to fit in all the Ep. 1’s). Reviews will be less spoiler-free as we need to start referring back to old episodes. Okay? Okay.

So the subtext was not-so-subtle this week in Kill la Kill. Satsuki’s first real scene pretty much lays out its opinion on school uniforms and throughout the episode we got a lot of mentions about how awful the school system is, right down to determining where you live (the slums, the upper sector). This kind of social commentary is lost in America, of course, where even doing well in school leaves you unemployed.

We got a better look at how Ryuko obtained her suit, Senketsu.  And her homeroom teacher comes out in the most fabulous (Fabio-lous?) way imaginable, revealing himself as our elder sage.  We also learn that Satsuki knows what Senketsu is already.  In short: Everything that was teased and subtle last week has basically been confirmed.

I have to say, Hakodate was…okay. I didn’t like her particularly as a mini-boss, but she wasn’t unbearable. Quite frankly the tennis nonsense was distracting, but as always with this show, I can’t rule out that was calculated to be that way. Then again I never watched, don’t intend to watch, Prince of Tennis, and I’m sure there were more than a few jabs in that direction in a show as satirical as Kill la Kill.

Fanservice was pretty heavy this week. I’d say that was calculated. It didn’t bother me quite as much. Imagine that.  I think because it’s almost always incorporated with the cute Mako/Ryuko flirting that goes on.

So next week (er, this week?)….it’s been the episode the studio’s been promoting (even to the point of pre-screenings).  I’m going to wager we’ll get into the meat of Kill la Kill. What shape will that take? Can’t say. Placing bets on this show is a futile effort. We’ll simply have to wait and see. Although the preview for next week shows Satsuki’s outfit with eyes just like Senketsu.  Interesting.

So, yes, short post today, because you can just amplify what I said in the first episode. This was basically just fleshing out a little of what didn’t get screentime last episode, since the school was the primary focus last week. This week we got to see our characters more in that setting. Just in time to throw the status quo out the window.  A logical pacing, unlike some Galileo shows we may be watching this season.


Did I miss something?

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