Galilei Donna, Episode 1

Fishy! Fishy fishfishfishyfish!


So, our introduction to Galilei Donna was….okay.

This wasn’t a bad introduction, exactly. But by no means did this blow me out of the water. My desire to continue this series is to hope that I understand what is going on in the coming episodes, more than wanting to see what happens next. I still can’t even tell what universe mode we’re in. Comic book logic seems to be the best bet. Not hard rules like the real world, but everything following rational decisions under the circumstances.  Yet even of that I cannot be sure because the cast is….lacking in common sense.

I fear for this series in the same vein as Fantasista Doll last season.  There was some very lazy writing, mixed with some good subtleties.  A careful watch will be on this one to see if it follows the trap of imitating good shows but bringing little substance of its own to the table.

In my lineup post, I said I had high hopes for this series. At this point, they are very much dashed.  In the shortest way possible to explain this premiere: There was action, but no movement. It feels like nothing has happened. A normal series would pick up mid-journey, or show us an episode of everyday in the Ferrari’s lives (Oh, blog tags are gonna love this one, huh?). We caught the very tail end of their normal lives, without the day-to-day stuff that’s supposed to make this interesting and make us sympathize with them.  Nor did anything really get explained.  Galileo’s Treasure….okay? Pirates are looking for it. But the family hasn’t yet decided what to do, where to go, or how to deal with it, let alone give us a clue as to what we’re dealing with.  This would be like the first episode of Pokemon ending with Ash arriving at Professor Oak’s, but not yet having chosen or even seen his first Pokemon. What would drive us to tune in the next week? We would have been told ABOUT Pokemon, but nothing substantive. I feel that way here.

Characterization was….mixed.  On the part of the writing, it was sloppy. Lazy. Bad.  Hazuki threatens to sue everyone to remind us she’s in Uni to be a lawyer.  The girls’ mother rants about Galileo non-stop, to remind us what show we’re watching, apparently.  And we get a rather boring expositional on what the girls do on the average day, in the form of a mother scolding her kids about their shortcomings, even though we could have inferred that (ESPECIALLY in Kazuki’s case, if it had better established the time of day Hozuki’s would have been just as obvious).

Yet in the animation, there were subtle things that were stellar. Kazuki’s anti-social behavior isn’t entirely explained, but we see some things. She likes a boy (or did? Lockets, even future tech ones, tend to be tragic past items only), and her expressions are wonderful.  Hozuki’s chase scene was probably the best piece of the show, next to no dialogue and communicating everything by sight.  If the show maintained that quality all the way throughout it would be really special.

I’ve mixed feelings.  But my initial impression is that this may end up being a popcorn flick show to marathon on a rainy Saturday.  We’ll see what happens next week when we, hopefully, get some clue as to the central plot of this series… >.>


Did I miss something?

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