BlazBlue: Alter Memory, Episode 1

This…this is going somewhere, right?

1381346101_animeland.su_leopard-raws-blazblue-alter-memory-01-raw-mx-1280x720-x264-aac.mp4_snapshot_01.40_2013.10.09_21.10.57 Well, like I said at the beginning of the season: I am new to BlazBlue. And as a result I was completely lost by…well…whatever the hell it is we just saw. I guess there is a word I can use to explain it all to you.


Yes, you thought this was an upbeat blog. A non-judgmental blog that took every show on its own merits and praised them accordingly. You thought I was one of those pansy girl reviewers who gave everyone extra credit for trying.  Nope. I just happen to have that high of an opinion on what we’ve seen so far.

This giant middle finger of a series will be getting the middle finger right back.Perhaps my patience is worn thin from the last game-series-DANGANRONPA-made-for-people-who-played-the-game. I know of no one who has as high an opinion of it as I did. And remember, I nominated it as WORST ADAPTATION.

Alter Memory seems to be for people who played the game. I respect that. But you have to meet those of us who want to see a story set within BlazBlue with no preconditions midway, here.

I spoke to two people who play the games (specifically, my fiance and her friend), and they both agreed, even to them, this episode was a nightmare to sit through if you didn’t have ADHD.

Now, to speculate, to show I am a fair girl: This could be a deliberate tactic.  It’s not the wisest tactic (if it even is such a thing), but it could be on purpose.  I see the possibilities where this series tried to give us information without exposition, which is why it cut around so much.  That can be a good thing, and indeed, in writing that is often the best way to go.  But Alter Memory is also on a time limit, and a budget, so it is going to have difficulty giving enough -time- to those methods. Sometimes exposition is necessary. A muddy necessary, that you try to pretty up as much as you can in entertaining ways, but sometimes it must be done, and BlazBlue probably could have used an info dump.  Perhaps in the next few episodes patterns will emerge (Rachel mentioned “this time” so many times you know it is recurring), and this will be better on a second viewing than the first.

But as things stand BlazBlue: Alter Memory, Episode 1 did not win any favors from me. It was a mess, chaotic, and, perhaps the most egregious crime of all, the fights were boring, I’d call them outright bad. That isn’t bad in anime in general, sometimes budget sends vision to the backseat. In an action series, it is hard to get over, but sometimes, if you strike the right notes, you can squeak by and impress us.  In an anime based on a FIGHTING GAME, it is a downright cardinal sin to bore your viewers with combat.

We got a general understanding of Ragna’s past, but all of these people part of….the state? The super conglomerate? The secret handshake organization behind Ragna’s powers? The ones who take up more screentime than our lead? They aren’t explained well at all. And that worries me.

I will give this show a chance, but it has to work for it.  I may end up dropping it altogether if I feel I’m beating the same points over and over again, too.

(EDIT: Oh, a minor note: Yes I am playing catch up, I was bedridden with….hayfever? Allergies? Something awful that caused me not to breathe and made everything taste like blood. Nasty stuff. Now that I’m at least sitting upright again and aware of my surroundings, I’ll be filling in the schedule. I know I’m not -technically- behind, but I should be further ahead.)


Did I miss something?

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