Strike the Blood: Episode 1

Demons sure do love panties…

Strike-the-Blood-03Strike the Blood gave us a rather safe paranormal introduction, yet held a rather interesting premise within. Yet another adapted light novel series (that is becoming far more common than manga it seems). Again, a series I have consciously decided not to discover.

This episode was rather straightforward on its own. In fact the most interesting stuff is mostly the promises to be delivered on later.  This can be a strength and weakness. If all the show does is promise us payoff but fails to make it interesting, then that can derail the entire series. On the other hand it could reach a snowball effect like any great drama where one problem’s solution quickly adds a new layer to the problem.

We had a classic “two super power people get off on the wrong foot” meeting.  In the course of pursuing newly awakened vampire, and suspected “Fourth Primogenitor”, Akatsuki Kojo, rookie sword-shaman Himeragi Yukina seems a little overwhelmed by the cat and mouse game.

I like Yukina. She has the typical “rookie” traits, but not in any way that makes you question why she even has a job. Too often there’s something of a Disgaea effect, where the agent is SO naive or incompetent they barely seem able to wash dishes (and sometimes not even that).  Yukina averts this; her flaws are mostly related to her by-the-book learning.  She is used to demons being her enemies, and doesn’t imagine them being just ordinary people who maybe want to live a life. And yet neither does she go overboard in this, quoting regulations at us or referencing her training. She also has a short fuse, but kind of understandable for a middle schooler getting peeped on by older men who also happen to be hell-spawn. It’s a subtle thing with her, and that makes it much more reasonable and less distracting.

Kojo is also likable. He’s definitely the Fourth Primogenitor, which we have yet to truly understand what that means, but he’s rather normal.  He doesn’t want to BE  a vampire, and hides it from everyone he knows.  And yet his very existence is considered to be a war crime.  His story is basically a whole lot of “why” right now.  He did show some interesting layers.  He deplored the two demons hitting on Yukina, but when it became apparent that they were outclassed and possibly going to die, he steps in to save them.  A bit of a futile gesture by the ending scene, but hey, can’t win every battle.

Demon Island itself interests me as well. There are obviously Humans living here, but they also have alarms for magic usage, making it a known variable.  Is that normal across the world, or just this one little district?

So we had some flashbacks to when Kojo became the Primogenitor. Is the old one still alive? She appears in the end credits….I think. It seems possible for someone so powerful that their existence is deemed a threat to national security.  There also seems to be an upcoming cast of characters (not going to lie, cute lolita girl with an umbrella? May end up being my favorite).  So yes, while the introduction was pretty standard fare for a paranormal series, it’s the promises of the coming weeks that have the most draw.  Another series I can easily recommend to check out.


Did I miss something?

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