Welcome to my new anime blog! This is simply my short mission statement about what I hope to accomplish here.

The short version is, I will be reviewing current-release anime here for those with limited access and eyes on what to one day pick up when it comes overseas, or the undecided viewer.

The long version is, expect this to be a place where I nerd out about current series.  Truth be told, this is mostly a release for myself.  As such, I will try to give equal time to every episode of every series I will be watching (hint: I will not be following ALL of them, only the ones that catch my eye that I feel are worth MY time and yours), but some weeks, the episodes may not give me enough to work with, and some weeks, they give too much to handle in one sitting.

I do not intend this to be necessarily a “first out of the gate” blog. I want to take enough time to absorb an episode, yet also do so in a timely fashion. Ideally, this blog will be a place a viewer can come in and be caught up to the current week. That means, when episode 8 has aired, I will have reviewed episode 7. My review for episode 8 would come no later than when episode 9 has aired, but more likely, several days in advance.

These reviews will be accompanied by series recaps where I can look at the series as a whole, and correct statements and opinions I may have had earlier, or to praise/criticize decisions on the parts of the studios. These lengthier reviews will come at -some- point in the successive season, so up to three months, but probably not that long.

You will definitely see my personal tastes emerge over time, if not right away by my selections for viewing.  In short, you will see lots of Magical Girl, yuri, supernatural, dark, or drama heavy series. That is because the rule here is that anime is a medium, not a genre.

I reserve the right to exert executive privilege on the viewing list. I -am- watching more series than I’m reviewing, but those are more casual experiences in my eye, outside my genre or shows I don’t have high hopes for, but am going at it for grins.  If at any point these series demand my attention and are worth championing, I will post all reviews proper like and add it to the follow list.  Similarly, if a show is stagnating too much, and I find myself repeating myself week after week, I reserve the right to drop the show from weekly recaps, but WILL likely give it a final review when the air is over.

All in all, I will probably do anywhere between 2 and 6 series at once, as a general rule. I may bump that up in some cases, other seasons will simply be less interesting to me. As an added rule: I will not be covering second/third seasons of series UNLESS I have already covered Season 1 in this blog. So for the time being, everything you see here will be brand new.

That being said, our first season together will be Fall 2013.  I will be posting a list of all the series I hope to tackle, and once those begin airing, I will get down to brass tacks.  I hope I manage to at least entertain!


Did I miss something?

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